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Stay fit and keep off vacation pounds whilst on vacation

Bass Lake
Stay fit and keep off vacation pounds whilst on vacation:

  • Research the destination you are visiting for fitness activity offerings and attend a class. You will immerse yourself in the local culture and keep fit at the same time and those pounds at bay.  
  • Pack Your Activity Monitor. Activity monitors keep you honest and motivated to count your steps. Vacation time is usually a time that includes exploring and walking to get to sights which means more steps taken than when you at home. Keep walking, hiking, cycling and swimming at your destination.

  • Select clean food. Make healthy choices such as fresh seafood with salad, steak with salad and a baked potato, try to avoid anything fried. Part of a vacation is sampling local specialties, but best done in moderation.
  • Go Easy on the Alcohol. Alcohol is high in calories therefore try to choose lower calorie drinks such as a vodka soda with a slice of lemon.
  • Pack your technology but minimize time spent on it. Believe it or not, spending too much time on your technology devices contributes to weight gain.

About the author:
Personal trainer Darren Tong of fitness Boot Camp at Bass Lake said, "I have vacationers who attend my class that tell me that they are so glad that I offer Boot Camp at Bass Lake because it helps them keep off the vacation pounds and to keep fit!"
Bass Lake Boot Camp provides an hour-long fitness class with personal trainer Darren Tong, 8 - 9 a.m., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sponsored by Bass Lake Boat Rentals (54406 Marina Drive), adjacent to Ducey’s on the Lake. The one-hour class consists of cardiovascular, strength training and flexibility exercises. $20 class and for locals ask about the local rate.

For more information, call Darren Tong from Bass Lake Boot Camp at 626-303-4171.


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