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Glacial erratics and polished granite at Yosemite's Olmstead Point
Steve Montalto/HighMountain Images
Blog 10 Essentials for Hiking in a National Park
07/06/2020Hiking, Outdoor Activities, Trails |   

10 Essentials for Hiking in a National Park

Watch this video for tips on 10 Essentials to take Hiking in a National Park  

Yosemite National Park's "Ask a Ranger" program takes a look at 10 essentials anyone should pack if they're going on a hiking adventure in Yosemite or any other public lands. These essentials will help to keep you safe and follow Leave No Trail principles. They include:

Navigation: While GPS can be handy in many situations, it can have issues when in remote areas. Know your route, and bring a map and compass as well.

Illumination: Flashlights or headlamps will not only help you see should you end up outside past sundown, but they will also help others see you.

Sun Protection: It doesn't have to be hot outside for damaging sun rays to give you burns. Plus, the effects get stronger the higher you go. Bring sunscreen, sun glasses and wear a hat. 

Nutrition: Bring extra food.  Make sure what you bring is healthy and will help give you energy. Hiking burns a lot of calories, you will need to refuel your body effectively.

Hydration: This is a simple thing that many people often overlook. Always bring more water than you think you will need.

Insulation: Dress in layers. This helps ensure you are always prepared for whatever unexpected weather conditions you may encounter. 

Fire starting equipment: Bring waterproof matches or a fire starter. These will help you safely start a warming fire should you be stuck outside during a cold night.

Emergency shelter: A tent or fire blanket can help keep you warm during cold nights or unexpected rain, especially if you didn't plan on being out that long.

Repair kit and tools: Simple things like a multi-tool knife and duct tape can be life savers when other equipment fails.

First Aid Kit: Accidents happen, be prepared to handle them with a well-stocked first aid kit.


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