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Welcome to our blog. Here we share all kinds of stories about exploring our area. From hiking, camping to dining, join us on a journey from southern Yosemite to the San Joaquin Valley.

How To Celebrate The Fourth Of July In Or Near Yosemite
To set the record straight, the July 4th weekend in Yosemite National Park can be a bit crowded. With that said, if you do visit, be sure to have a plan & head out early for some outdoor fun. Better yet, visit the park at a less busy period &… READ MORE >
School’s out, and you’re ready to rock and roll, hit the highway, see the sights. Yosemite’s been on your mind, but you’ve heard the rumors. Don’t go there; traffic is a nightmare. There’s no parking. People everywhere.Wait!If you invest a little time doing homework before you arrive, you can have… READ MORE >
4 Hidden Gems In Madera County
While most traveler’s beeline to the main attraction, sometimes you need to head off the beaten path. For those repeat travelers and regional visitors who have already seen the most visited locations in Yosemite, here’s four hidden gems in Madera County to consider exploring this year.Globe RockThe Sierra Vista Scenic… READ MORE >
Explore One Of The OLDEST Wine Regions in the US - The Madera Wine Trail
Do you love grapes and want to experience the real soul of California wines? Then the Madera Wine Trail should be on your bucket list. What is considered by many as the best kept secret in California wines, this is your chance to enjoy premium flagship alongside small vineyards where… READ MORE >
Live Music Concerts In Or Near Yosemite & Madera County
There’s a lot to see in and around Yosemite National Park. But as the sun begins to dip towards the horizon, the fun continues in a different fashion… via live music.Sierra Meadows Concert SeriesEvery year during the summer months, Sierra Meadows hosts a live concert series featuring bluegrass, rock, blues,… READ MORE >
Best Father's Day in Yosemite and Madera County
Forget another golf shirt. Skip the doggone tie. Instead of buying something that’s a dust collector, why not give him something that will last a lifetime… a weekend road trip to Yosemite filled with priceless memories! Here’s a few ideas to make it the best Father’s Day in Yosemite and… READ MORE >
5 Lesser Known Waterfalls To See In Or Near Yosemite
No matter if you’re a city slicker or a mountain enthusiast, there’s something that draws every human being to waterfalls. For some, the sound of cascading water against polished rocks takes the daily stress away. For others, it’s the sheer beauty & tranquility of them. No matter the reason, waterfall… READ MORE >
It's NOT about the Bass in Bass Lake during the annual Bass Lake Fishing Derby
The legendary lake might be named after the abundance of bass in its pristine waters, but the annual Bass Lake Fishing Derby is after a different species of fish… Trout. Every year around the first weekend of May, the Bass Lake Chamber of Commerce holds this event to kick off… READ MORE >
Kid Friendly Activities To Do In Or Near Yosemite
Let’s be honest… there’s never a bad time to take a family trip to Yosemite National Park. Depending on the time of year, the only thing that will change are the sights. How about spring? Wildflowers are blooming & the waterfalls are at their peak. What's winter got to offer?… READ MORE >
Bass Lake Resorts "Spring" Into The Season On March 29th
Seasons are what make a year special. Of course, there’s the divisions based on weather, ecology and amount of daylight. But there’s also seasons based on activities and types of fun you can have. For us in Madera county, one day in particular is more special than others. On March… READ MORE >
Thirteen Things To Know About The Glacier Point Ski Hut Adventure
Pristine snowscapes, the solitude of nature on your own terms, and incomparable vistas of the Yosemite Valley and High Sierra country. The Glacier Point Ski Hut captures the purist essence of Yosemite National Park like no other adventure can. At 10.5 miles one-way via a pair of cross-country skis or… READ MORE >
Embrace The Wild West In Madera County
Madera, which means “wood” in Spanish, has a rich & colorful history around the gold rush. A logging industry relic, Madera County has transformed itself into a tourism gateway not just to Yosemite National Park but to adventure in the great outdoors. Here’s a small introduction to some of the… READ MORE >
Four Of The Most Instagramable Places In Yosemite During Winter
Let’s be frank… Yosemite is photogenic. There’s a reason why Ansel Adams and John Muir fell in love with this location. Nearly every nook, cranny and summit offer up AMAZING opportunities to get that once-in-a-lifetime picture. Here’s four of the most Instagramable places in Yosemite during winter.Tunnel ViewWe couldn’t have… READ MORE >
Winter Time Fun Abounds at the Yosemite Ski & Snowboard Area
Looking to enjoy the snow without the throngs of people? Then skip the crowds & spend more time enjoying the great wintry outdoors. It's time to head over to the Yosemite Ski & Snowboard Area. From downhill skiing to snow tubing, Nordic and every other snow-filled activity you could imagine,… READ MORE >
A Bit of Après In The Yosemite Region
Winter is a time to savor comfort foods, partake in adult beverages, and enjoy companionship with friends & family. Why not combine these with a trip to the Yosemite region. You’ll save some dough AND experience the region in solitude. To help you plan, here’s a few of our favorite… READ MORE >
3 Romantic Weekend Getaways In Madera County & Yosemite National Park
Contrary to popular belief, winter could just as well be the season of love. Valentine’s Day is in February, chilly weather makes us snuggle up by the fire and long nights are the perfect time to enjoy a romantic dinner. For those looking to escape life's hectic daily routine, here's… READ MORE >
Snowshoeing Paradise in the Yosemite Area
The great outdoors, regardless of time of year, heals your soul. The scenery inspires you, the fresh pine and cedar-scented air electrifies you, and the sounds of critters and song birds uplift you. And if you experience the Yosemite region on snowshoes, it will entirely redefine your outdoor perspective.Why You… READ MORE >
Bass Lake: Not just a place, it's a state of mind. A family's story.
My wife started visiting Bass Lake 35 years ago and I married into the tradition 26 years ago. I was immediately captivated by the beauty and serenity of the lake and it just got better every year. There’s so much we love to do at and around Bass Lake. We keep… READ MORE >
The Royal Tour
The Royal Tour:The Enchanted Hearst Castle to French Countryside Charm at Erna’s Elderberry House in Oakhurst to Luxury at The Majestic Yosemite Hotel.What is the Royal Tour?You won’t find packaged trips here, or any set dates either. That’s because the Royal Tour is specifically designed for you to schedule. We… READ MORE >
Sugar Pine Lumber Company & Madera Flume by Linda Gast
A gentleman by the name of William H. Thurman came up with the idea of building a V-shaped wooden flume from his mill site in Oakhurst, CA. then known as Fresno Flats, to the railroad in Madera. It was made to float the milled lumber using the water in the… READ MORE >
A Guide to Hiking Half Dome by YExplore
A Hikers Guide to Hiking Half Dome with Low Impact Tips by John DeGrazio.Half Dome is the most popular hike in Yosemite National Park and one of the most sought after adventures on the planet. The demand for this hike is so great that the National Park Service began implementing a… READ MORE >
Morgan and Family Return to Bass Lake
  My family has been going to Bass Lake since my uncle was 2 and my dad was 8. They are now 45 and  51. When my dad was only ten, he won a gum ball competition and got a cool prize, thanks to Miller's Landing. This happens to be our… READ MORE >
10 Essentials for Hiking in a National Park
Watch this video for tips on 10 Essentials to take Hiking in a National Park  READ MORE >
Fossils to Falls Road Trip
Enjoy the best of Madera County along the Fossils to Falls Trail on this 4 Day Road Trip!Day 1 Start your journey at the Fossil Discovery Center of Madera County, off Hwy 99 in Chowchilla. This amazing exhibit features fossils from the Middle-Pleistocene (780,000 years ago). Columbian Mammoth, Saber-toothed Cat, Sloth,… READ MORE >
Yosemite Nature Notes - Black Bears
Hundreds of black bears make their home in Yosemite and seeing a wild bear is often the highlight of a trip to the park. Bears often remind us of ourselves, and the complex relationship between bears and humans has changed over time as we strive to keep bears wild.  READ MORE >
Yosemite Nature Notes - One Day in Yosemite
On Tuesday, June 26th, 2012, thirty filmmakers spread throughout Yosemite National Park to document the people who visit and work there. Hikers, horses and hang gliders, as well as painters, climbers and cooks helped create this unique portrait of One Day in Yosemite. READ MORE >
Judi's Jaunts - Check Out Hetch Hetchy
By Judi Hussain, Visit Center Coordinator | May 4, 2018 Judi’s Jaunts – Check Out Hetch HetchyIt seems like Yosemite’s busy season arrives earlier and earlier each year. What to do, then, if you visit during a holiday period or one of those magical spring weekends only to find the Valley… READ MORE >
Judi's Jaunts - Hiking Raymond Bridge to Eastman Lake
By Debbie Sebastian, Visit Center Volunteer | Mar 6, 2018Judi’s Jaunts – Hiking Raymond Bridge to Eastman LakeThis month we are fortunate to have guest author/hiker (and volunteer here at the Visitors Center) Debbie Sebastian.  Rest assured that Judi is still jaunting about and note that Judi and Debbie occasionally… READ MORE >
3 Day Extreme Sports Adventure Spring or Summer
Pack in 3 days of extreme adventure in the High Sierra. From cross country mountain biking, wake boarding, rock climbing and a white water river adventure this itinerary is sure to get your heart racing and put a smile on your face.Set up your home base up at Bass Lake… READ MORE >
Judi's Jaunts - Mt. Dana
By Judi Hussain, Visit Center Coordinator | Jan 23, 2017Judi’s Jaunts – Hiking Yosemite & the Sierra NevadaI haven’t met many hikes I didn’t love. Doesn’t matter if they’re long or short, flat or at elevation.The flat ones get me out of my daily routine, focus my thoughts on wilderness… READ MORE >
Tips for Camping in Yosemite National Park
Enjoy this video from the National Park Service on tips for camping in Yosemite National Park. READ MORE >

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