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Bass Lake Movie Marathon
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Brooke | 04/07/2020 | Arts & Entertainment, Entertainment/Theater, Events, Family Friendly |   

Bass Lake Movie Marathon

During this time of social distancing because of Coronavirus, we send our heartfelt empathy to all who are affected by the crisis. If you're like us, you've been searching for digital solutions to ward off boredom and bring some smiles to your home.  With that goal in mind, we hope you will embark on a cinematic journey to the shores of sunny Bass Lake, California. This 5-mile-long gold nugget of a lake has been the location and inspiration for numerous blockbuster hits over the years.  Find a comfy spot on the couch and pop some corn because Visit Yosemite | Madera County has a list of flicks that were filmed on location at the lake, for your viewing entertainment!

This 1932 action-melodrama about a logging camp owner, his son and a riverboat showgirl, stars William Boyd and Ginger Rogers. With scenes filmed at the original Pines Resort in 1932, it features incredible action sequences for its time and a standout performance from a young Ginger. Find it on YouTube, then reflect on the simpler times and the rugged scenery of the Sierra Nevada.

This Academy Award-winning film noir is set in gorgeous locations throughout the United States.  Boundary-pushing lake scene set at Deer Lake, Maine, was filmed entirely at Bass Lake, California, in 1945. The 'Back of the Moon Lodge' set was a temporary façade built on the lakeshore for the film. Its memorable interior décor inspired lake house charm in the region for years to come. 

For six weeks in 1987, the production crew for this classic movie starring John Candy and Dan Aykroyd, descended upon Bass Lake, California. To say that this film made an impression on the small lakeside village would be a major understatement. With scenes shot in the Pines Bar and one extremely large bear protagonist, the locals flipped over this hit, and the movie is heralded as a regional cult-classic. A good time, family comedy, that will transport you to a summertime Bass Lake getaway with your own wacky family. 

This raunchy comedy with Corey Feldman makes excellent use of Bass Lake, California, for its lakeshore scenes. Admittedly, this movie isn't a masterwork of modern cinema. But if you're looking for nostalgic memories of the humor and pop-culture from the early 1990s, look no further. Throw in some radical watersport scenes around all your favorite lakeside haunts, and you've found the perfect way to have a cheesy laugh.  

The Bonnie B Ranch in North Fork, California, hosted the cast and crew of "Mouse Hunt," released in 1997. With a star-studded cast that includes Nathan Lane, Lee Evans and Christopher Walken this dark, slapstick American comedy is fun for the whole family. Two brothers inherit a dilapidated mansion and attempt to restore it to its former glory. Hijinks ensue as they attempt to rid the property of a bothersome mouse. Erected near Bass Lake, California, the "old" house façade was used for exterior shooting, and spoiler alert; it doesn't stand for long...

Starring area resident Richard Kiel - known for his powerful "Jaws" character in the James Bond 007 films, "The Giant of Thunder Mountain" has everything a movie should have: action, adventure, kindness and a larger-than-life, unlikely hero. Filmed in North Fork, California, just minutes from Bass Lake, this classic, family-friendly film showcases the stunning scenery of the southern Yosemite region. 

The shores of Bass Lake, California, are the backdrop for this 1952 feature film. It is an action-packed cinema adaptation of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, "The Song of Hiawatha." This epic tale recounts the adventures of a young warrior. In it, he meets his true love, Minnehaha, but their tragic romance is threatened by war and flying arrows.  

Numerous other feature films use the famous sites of Yosemite National Park as their backdrops. Perhaps, that's a topic for our next movie marathon. Until then, we hope you’ll enjoy the views of beautiful Bass Lake, California, from the comfort of your home theater.

If you are interested in filming commercials, movies, documentaries or anything in the area, please contact the Yosemite/Madera Film Commission by visiting the website at


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