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Experience Yosemite Virtual Reality
See Yosemite Like Never Before!
Experience Yosemite Virtual Reality

See Yosemite Like Never Before!

Blog Experience Yosemite Virtual Reality: 8 reasons to add this experience to your Yosemite bucket list
11/26/2022Attractions, Entertainment/Theater, Plan Your Trip, Winter Fun |   

8 reasons you need to add this experience to your Yosemite bucket list!

Not long ago, in a town just 30 minutes from the South Gate entrance to Yosemite National Park, a little movie theater in Oakhurst, California was on the brink of shutting its doors forever. So, childhood best friends Matt Sconce and Keith Walker, along with their friend James Nelson did what any self-respecting, film-loving entrepreneurs should…they set out to save the cinema with the help of their beloved community.

Years later, after a successful bid to save the cinema, multiple improvements, and a new co-owner, Stacy Daly added to the mix, a worldwide pandemic struck, and our heroes were yet again at an impasse. During an 18-month closure and much brainstorming, the three owners set out to rebrand and reinvigorate the cinema. 

And that they did!

Yosemite Cinema's owners and chief Met Heroes, Matt Sconce, Stacy Daly, and Keith Walker

In May of 2021, the cinema reopened to the public under the name Yosemite Cinema (formerly Met Cinema) with big plans. Slowly the cinema replaced seating, screens, and sound systems. The concessions stand was completely remodeled, and new food items, plus wine and beer were included.

High-resolution video screens were added throughout the cinema to enhance the guest experience, as well as new systems that allow guests to order tickets and concessions online.

The biggest undertaking though was the addition of Yosemite VR

To amplify the cinema's name and their love of the Yosemite area, renovations and expansion began to make room for a new experience. Yosemite VR

Yosemite VR is the only permanent Positron Powered Virtual Reality theater in the United States that features Experience Yosemite,” an amazing adventure that allows the viewer to experience Yosemite National park in a way never seen before.

"Experience Yosemite" is a VR experience narrated by Bryan Cranston that allows the viewer to fly through Yosemite National Park and witness its wonders in a way never before seen.

It is a must-see for anyone traveling to see Yosemite or who wants a more intimate and breathtaking additional experience of the beauty, majesty, and wonder that is Yosemite.

The technology uses state-of-the-art Positron Voyager chairs that feature sight, sound, scent, haptic feedback, and movement to give the viewer an experience they will never forget. 

  1. You’re obsessed with Yosemite! There’s no denying the absolute breathtaking feeling when you see Yosemite for the 1st, 5th, or 68th time. This experience allows viewers to travel through history and see the views that can only be experienced by climbing El Cap yourself. So, if climbing 3,000 verticle feet is NOT in your journey, chose the VR.

  2. You’ll see and walk the same trails and visit the same places as John Muir, Roosevelt, and Ansel Adams. And learn some of their histories while you’re at it.

  3. You’ll see a bird’s eye view of the valley and feel incredibly majestic. The sensation of looking down from El Capitan or being face to face with a Firefall is spectacular.

  4. You might (like this author) be terrified of heights but at the same time, REALLY want to see what all these much-talked-about places, like the infamous diving board, are all about. At the Yosemite Experience, you can safely see what everyone is raving about without leaving the comfort of your cozy Positron VR chair.

  5. You won’t get “car sick"! The Positron XR technology assures a smooth, exciting virtual reality experience each time. No queasy feelings. Thumbs up to that one!

  6. You’re on vacation with your family and literally cannot take them on one more hike, journey, bike ride, or adventure. This experience is great for the entire family and guaranteed to make everyone “OO” and “AH!” Plus, afterward, you can see a traditional film in the cinema, have a snack, and a much-needed beverage!!!

  7. Do you have 20 minutes to spare? The beauty of the Yosemite VR experience is that it’s pretty easy time-wise to fit into your travel schedule. See the Experience Yosemite VR before visiting the park to brush up on history and sites of interest, or check it out after you visit the park to complete your Yosemite adventure experience.

  8. Bragging rights! That’s right…for anyone in the back, this is the only Positron Powered Virtual Reality theater in the United States. In. The. Nation! Plus, it looks AMAZING in a reel or post on Instagram.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re planning on visiting the area soon, add us to your list of “must dos” and those of you on the fence…get to it! Visit Yosemite this year and Experience Yosemite!!

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