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Bass Lake California near Yosemite
Blog Morgan and Family Return to Bass Lake
11/01/2018Biking, Camping, Family Friendly, Fishing, Guest Stories, Hiking, Nature, Photography, Water Activities |   

Morgan and Family Return to Bass Lake

My family has been going to Bass Lake since my uncle was 2 and my dad was 8. They are now 45 and  51. When my dad was only ten, he won a gum ball competition and got a cool prize, thanks to Miller's Landing. This happens to be our family’s favorite place to eat, even though we have made many memories at all the places around the lake. We are known as the "WHAT'S GONNA WORK," family every time we go to The Forks Resort, and even though we can be loud, we are always greeted with love from everyone there.

The Pinecone Ball is another Bass Lake family tradition we love during each trip. All the kids put on a play for the parents on the last night of the vacation. We do mini-skits, not only involving the kids, but the adults as well. One year the kids got to choose an adult to roast, and all of the adults said it was their favorite Pinecone Ball by far. This last year was a little more technical; we filmed an episode of Survivor for kids, we called it “PineENDURANCE.” We filmed throughout our vacation and presented it on the last day. Each year I have been in charge of creating the skit, play or film. This year I am passing the torch to my younger cousin. I am my dad's oldest, and he is my uncle's oldest, so it only seems fair.

We have camped in tents and trailers over the years. Most recently we stayed in a cabin near The Pines Resort. It was beautiful, and fit all 19 of us comfortably! One year we managed to get the furthest campsite in Wishon Cove. One morning on that trip, my aunt went to get our breakfast and she found the food bin was missing. We didn't believe her, and thought that she had forgotten it at home. We all thought she was going crazy, but she stuck to her story. Later my aunt and her Brother-in-law decided to take a hike, and to our surprise found the bin all torn up. Right next to it was a stick with melted marshmallow all over it. He proceeded to lick it (gross, I know) and said yep, "Bear Spit." It has been a standing joke ever since that day. Now every time we see marshmallows everyone will yell “BEAR SPIT!” 

There are so many more stories to share like Carl the duck and Ladybug Beach. Many special memories were made because of the amazing experiences Bass Lake has provided for us. I hope to someday bring my future family there. Bass Lake is always the highlight of not just my summer but my entire family’s as well. I know the tradition will be continued for generations to come.


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