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Alex Silgalis | 05/01/2020 | Entertainment/Theater, Photography, Waterfalls |   

As we continue to hunker down during the Coronavirus pandemic, it doesn’t mean we must extinguish the spirit of travel. Rather, we can keep the spark of it alive by exercising our sense of discovery, our childhood curiosity, and natural wonder by exploring things from our fingertips. Here’s a few ways to enjoy Yosemite National Park from home while helping keep our community safe during this stressful period.

Take in the Sights of Yosemite National Park Virtually

VR photographer Scott Highton has spent more than four decades in California including many of those days exploring Yosemite National Park. Using his groundbreaking techniques from his book Virtual Reality Photography, he has created a website offering the ULTIMATE virtual reality tour. It's filled with high resolution, 360-degree panoramic views from over 200 locations throughout the sprawling park. Even when the pandemic is over, you’ll still want to use his tool to figure out where you go next on your vacation.

To take it all in, head to

Explore the Soundscapes of Yosemite

Photo by: Darvin Atkeson

As urban landscapes are bathed in noise, Yosemite National Park gifts visitors with a symphony of natural sounds. Birds chirping, leaves rustling from the wind, the thunderous waterfalls and raging rivers. All a part of the allure of this magical place. The 1st episode of the National Park Service podcast series delves into just that. The interview with Kurt Fristrup PhD talks about the effect of noise on the wilderness and reveals some of the interesting discoveries found on the acoustic health of Yosemite. For the full podcast series with insights into the cultural fabric, natural history, and management of the park, go here:

Yosemite Voices

Head Back In Time To 1904

Have you ever wondered what daily life was like back in the early 1900's in Yosemite? Well, now you can actually HEAR IT! Another podcast brought to you by the NPS, National Park Ranger Shelton Johnson plays Sergeant Elizy Bowman,  a Buffalo Soldier from Troop “K,” 9th U.S. Cavalry who was on patrol in Yosemite from 1903 through 1904. Although much is not known about Elizy himself, through Shelton’s years of research and his ledgers, the ranger brings him to life through this podcast. Click below to get a glimpse of what he might have been feeling or thinking after those long, arduous, but inspiring patrols through the "Range of Light."

A Buffalo Soldier Speaks

See What Yosemite Looks Like Crowd-Free

With Yosemite National Park closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the animals have reclaimed the iconic valley. Take a break from the stresses of daily life. Instead, turn up your speakers. Lean back in your chair. And enjoy the sights and sounds of Yosemite Valley.

Stay home. Stay healthy. And we’ll see you when it’s safe to travel again. Until then, stay tuned as we continue to bring you more fun and unique ways to enjoy Yosemite & Madera County from a safe and social distance.


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