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Three Reasons
To Choose Winter
Blog Three Reasons to Choose Winter in Yosemite and it's Southern Gateway
10/01/2023Hiking, Photography, Seasons, Shopping, Tours, Tours, Winter Fun |   

Three Reasons to Choose Winter in Yosemite and it's Southern Gateway

Discover the Extraordinary: Swap the mundane for the magical this winter in Southern Yosemite. Here, the chill in the air is matched only by the warmth of hearth and heart. Nestle into cozy vacation homes, unwind by the fire in lakeside suites at The Pines Resort, savor the fine dining at Chateau du Sureau, or wake up to the serenity of the forest in a cabin at The Redwoods in Yosemite. It's not just a getaway; it's where winter memories are made with comfort, romance, and a touch of après-ski charm. Embrace the joy of the season and indulge in the delights of the Yosemite region. 

Relaxing, spending time with family, and escaping stress are the experiences that matter to most travelers. Escape the ordinary and book your stay today.

Bass Lake has astounding beauty in every season. Behold, winter's magic.

Embrace the Californian Dream: Imagine a stress-free journey into the heart of Yosemite Valley, chauffeured by a private SUV – no parking hassles, no navigation woes. Winter tours guided by seasoned experts offer the luxury of soaking in Yosemite's splendor without worry. For the adventurers, the Yosemite Adventure Company provides Jeep and snow-tracked escapades that unveil the frost-kissed beauty of the Sierra National Forest's peaks.

In Oakhurst, unleash your inner lumberjack at Yosemite Axe Throwing or explore the rolling landscapes with Pedal Forward Bikes and Adventure. And for the snow enthusiasts, Alpenglow Gear Co. awaits with the essentials for your snowy expeditions – from skis to snowshoes and safety gear. Get dreaming and book your stay, now. 

Smiling man in helmet sits on all-terrain vehicle with snow track tires. Mountainous terrain with snow on the ground and sunny, blue sky.

Join the expert guides of Yosemite Adventure Company on a thrilling off-road snow tour through the Sierra National Forest and Bass Lake!

Winter's Whispering Wildlife: Yosemite's winter is steeped in the lore of the Southern Sierra Miwok – tales of the Coyote bringing fire and warmth to the Earth's inhabitants. This season, the park's enchantment is palpable as nature takes a serene pause. Witness the park's wildlife, like the cunning Coyote, exploring the landscape. Marvel at the surreal beauty of snow-draped waterfalls and valleys.

Curious about the hidden wonders of Yosemite's winter? Delve into Alex Sigalis' insightful exploration, "The 'Natural' Events of a Yosemite Winter," and uncover the secrets of this mystical season.

Yosemite's Southern Gateway is more than a destination; it's a winter wonderland that offers an escape, adventure, and a connection to nature's quiet marvels. Choose to make your winter extraordinary and explore places to stay.

The Coyote is commonly sighted in Yosemite Valley and lower elevations of the Sierra Nevada during the late fall and winter seasons. 

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